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Welcome to the Website of Kastel Maschinenbau GmbH. Our specialty is the construction of highly innovative and fully automated car parks. In addition, you will receive electric servo punching machines and high-quality custom-made products - using the latest technology. Innovative ideas and top quality characterize our work. We also develop yacht parking garages for you. Get to know our diverse range of services and products.

Kastel Group


Kastel Maschinenbau offers you First Class Yacht Parking Garages

We also offer modern and innovative solutions for more parking spaces by Kastel Maschinenbau for the accommodation of yachts. Fast, reliable and secure, we establish new standards for the construction of yacht parking garages. We produce your own customized automatic yacht parking garage - in the highest "Made in Germany" quality.

Electro-Servo Punching Machines

Another focus of our work is on the production of electric-servo punching machines. Our Kastel electro-servo punching machine represents a true revolution in die-cutting technology. Where conventional rotary punching machines fail, our electro-servo press enables the realization of completely new processes. Benefit from our patented drive technology, which optimizes lifting speed and acceleration.

Automated Car Parks from Kastel Maschinenbau

The development of state-of-the-art fully automated car parks is our specialty. The name Kastel Maschinenbau is known worldwide for automatic car parks of the highest quality. Our modular constructed and fitted car parks enjoy an excellent reputation. No wonder - after all, we offer you the best quality "Made in Germany" and a 100% patented modern technology. Our production is always based on DIN 9001 and DIN 14001.

Especially in large cities, parking is becoming a scarce commodity. From the first planning and construction through to the final assembly, we guarantee that Kastel Maschinenbau will build your car park:

  • • with highest precision

  • • with best quality

  • • with reliable availability

  • • with fast processing

  • • with safety in construction

About the Company Kastel Maschinenbau

Kastel Maschinenbau has several decades of experience in mechanical engineering. For more than 20 years, the brothers Kastel have been active in this field. Kastel Maschinenbau has emerged from the merger of the two individual companies "Kastel Konstruktionsbüro" and "DIKA Engineering". Previously, both of these projects had been carried out jointly, so that the founding of Kastel Maschinenbau was a success.

Since then, we stand for the professional execution of your orders. Exciting ideas and the high-quality implementation of these are our specialty. We are passionate about developing new solutions and are ready to think across borders. Our fully automated car parks are an excellent example of our ability to innovate.

Take a look at our website and get to know about our Group. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.